Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello all,

Life update:
September 1st I am moving out of NY. I will be coming home to PA for a few weeks and then moving to LA end of Sept/early Oct.
I love New York. I have been very fortunate to have a good job & meet great people in the short year and a half I've been here. I really hope at some point I make it back here. But for now I am really excited to try out the West Coast :)


Last night Mandy, Connor & I saw the movie Inception. I have no idea how to describe it, you should just go see it. Not that I am a movie buff or anything but it's one of the best movies in a while.

Connor & I also ventured over to the Natural History Museum. It is free after 4:30 on Saturdays but what we didn't realize is that it closes at 5:45, so we were pretty rushed considering it's a huge museum. Basically, it's a bunch of animals & dinosaur bones.




lion - rar


This weekend my parents & sister came to NYC. We spent more time in Brooklyn this time. We did the flea market, farmers market, walked all the way through red hook & took the water taxi to south st seaport. Then walked all the way up to chinatown - LES.
South St Seaport

Art Show


Mojitos on our roof.

Every Sunday in the summer, my old neighborhood ( Williamsburg) has free concerts by the water. Coincidentally, I never went to them last year...
I am assuming because this was the last day of the World Cup that is why it wasn't crowded.
Also it rained a little, but considering it was about 100 degrees no one seemed to mind.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I often don't take advantage of the fact that I live in New York City. I spend 5 days a week at work, suggesting tourists from all over the world where to go & what fun things to do..However, I myself have not even done most of these activities. This summer I am going to TRY to do more of these things. I also know I can sometimes lack in the keeping in touch area with family & friends so I thought this was a nice way to connect the two...

4th of July
I worked in the morning but luckily had off for the evening. We spent the 4th at Connors sisters. She lives in Park Slope & has a great view of Manhattan. Unfortunately, the fireworks were being shot from the West side, but we still could see them.

New apartment
July 1st I moved to Connors apartment in Fort Greene. It's a great neigborhood close to Ft. Greene Park, farmers market & flea market on the weekends. Also, there are way too many good restaurants near by, which is probably bad for my wallet. My Dad seems very curious what it looks like, so these photos are particularly for him.

And that's all for now. :)